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by Ricardo E. Carbajal & Johannes Grewe
Hopefully we will all live to see the day when the German Shepherd dog world will be under the same concept, that of a well-structured, perfectly balanced dog capable of performing at the highest known levels. Perhaps we will see the day when fashion gives way to balance and the Golden Middle rises supreme, not as a choice among many, but rather as the only sensible option. In the meantime, on the eve of the centennial celebration of the "king of breeds" on this earth, let us remember the final plea of its founder, Max von Stephanitz's last words to his good friend Muller on his deathbed,
"Take this trouble for me:
make sure my German Shepherd Dog remains a WORKING dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim".

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BH, ZVV1, IPO3, APr1, CD, CGC, FO, P1(H), P1S(H), PD1, P2(H), PD2
Korung done in Slovakia 5V5/55 this is the best rating a dog can get
hips a normal, elbows normal
Black Sable
SUNCHO# 62965/11
tattoo-Nr. S62965
AKC # DN42323301
Date of birth 1/20/2011
height 26 inches, weight 85 pounds
Strong black sable with massive head, outstanding expression with world-class performance abilities .
Great proportions, good top line, powerfully built front and correct angulation with firm back. Athletic and quick to do anything asked of him.
True working character with great desire to perform. Shows an excellent relationship with his handler in obedience with reliable fast reactions to the commands.
Steady and sure, impossible to find fault, always full of self-confidence with nerves of steel.
Shows impeccable manners inside and outside, loves children and has no interest in other dogs.
Totally non-threatening character unless challenged.
Back's sire is the well know:
No other dog has ever accomplished what he has - winning the German Championship, the 7 Laenderwettkampf three times,
and then reaching the pinnacle by winning the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 3 Times in a row.
This has never been done before, and will most likely not be done again anythime soon.
3-22-15    Bask was only here two months when he did his first SDA trail. We could not have been more pleased at how well he preformed.
He was "HIGH IN TRIAL" for both obedience and protection out of 15 dogs. He earned his Family Obedience (FO) title with 97.5 and first place.
The we went back and did his Protection 1 (P1H) title. He took first place with and obedience score of 92.3 and a protection score of 93.1 with honors.
He earned the (H) HONORS on his title because it was on a field he dose not train on and on an honor decoy the he has never worked. He is a pleasure to train with.
3-28-15    One week after Back trialed in SDA we went to an AKC trial.
He earned his first two legs of his CD title, placing 3RD and then 2ND with a very nice 185.
5-29-15     Back has now finshed his CD title. He earned two more legs even though he only needed 1 for his title.
These legs were even at an indoor trail. He is very confident and easy to trial with.
6-14-15    Back & I traveled to Pennsylvania for the SDA Championship. He added his Protection Dog 1 Sleeve with honors and his Police Dog 1 title.
Both titles with very high OB scores of 92 and 93 points.
7-4-15    Back has now added his Canine Good Citizen CGC to his growing list of titles.
12-5-15    Back was once again High in Trial Protection dog wail earning his Protection Dog 2, also earning it with Honors P2(H).
4-2-2016 Back earned his first leg for the Graduate Novice with First place and a great score of 193 1/2 points.
4-29-16 Back earned his Police Dog 2 (PD2) title with first place and High In Trial obedience, OB score of 94, protection score of 87.5.
He is always trying his best at what ever I ask him to do.  
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This is one of our Back and Brook's pups BADEN  click here   This is one of our Back and Xara's pups BRODIE  click here
Hayak von Tjarnshaget
SchH BH, FO, PD1, P1, CGC
hips a fast normal, elbows normal,
AKC # DN39155601
Sz-Nr. 2292971
Date of birth: 5-18-2013
height 26 inches, weight 89 pounds
Combining great looks with superior functionality.
Powerfully built with seldom seen broad strong head, heavy bone strength along with correct proportions.
Has the legendary look of the East German bloodlines along with the superior temperament and performance qualities of the west German working lines.
Unbeatable self-confidence, will go anywhere, anytime and never be unsure.
Athletic and quick to do anything asked of him. Highly dedicated to the handler, attentive and ex-stream motivation to please.
Demonstrating natural guide-ability along with correct execution of the obedience exercises.
Drive for the ball is exactly what it should be, will do anything for it and will always retrieve no matter where it is.
Totally non-threatening character unless challenged, will turn into a knock-down power house in protection if needed!
True working character with great desire to perform, grips are always full and very hard.
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This is one of our Harley and Sasha's pups CREED  click here   


the girls  
SchH BH, FO, PD1, P1(H), P2S, PD2, P2(H), BN, CD
AKC# DN37689701
Tattoo-Nr. 44735
hips a normal (0/0), elbows normal (0/0)
Date of birth 3/12/2012
height 22 inches
weight 65 pounds
Brook has very good body type built for performance with strong bones,
broad powerful head and muzzle with terrific expression.
Highly motivated to work, retrieving instinct pronounced, will do anything for a ball.
Enthusiastic and enjoys performing for the handler.
Superior bonding capability with the handler and naturally guidable, follows the obedience commands without hesitation. In protection work she is highly determined, barking is consistent and strikes quickly to the sleeve, hits hard with serious guarding in the out phase.
7-5-14    Brook and I traveled across country to the PetU SDA trial in Milwaukee.
She did an awesome job earning first place over 7 dogs in the Protection 1 (P1) title.
She passed her obedience with a great score of 96 and earned a honor title by passing her protection with a 92.5 on an honor decoy that she has never seen.
Once again she shows us she is just the kind of dog we love to have in our breeding program.
3-22-15    Brook earned her Police Dog 2 (PD2) with first place. She did her call off with such speed and accuracy both judges were very impressed.
She puts her all into every thing I ask of her.
8-31-15    Brook earned her BN title, 3 legs in 3 shows. She finished with second place out of 8 dogs with a very nice score of 195!
9-21-15    Brook has now added her CD title, 3 legs in 3 shows. All legs with second place and one with a very nice score of 190 1/2.
4-29-16 Book worked very hard at her Police dog 3 title. She did great on her obedience portion earning 93.5.
She was off to a great start on her protection portion finishing the field work only down 11.5 points.
She did not complete the building search, maybe next time. We are still very pleased with her hard work.
For more pictures of Brook click here
This is one of our Back and Brook's pups BADEN  click here     

Protection Dog 1 Muzzle.............. Wow! Gina is the first dog ever to earn this title in SDA !!
Well done and Congratulations to Brian & Gina.

  Gina vom Burgereck
SchH BH, CGC, CD, GN, FO, P1, OB1, P1M, PD1, PD2, P2S
AKC# DN36467701, SDA# 13-007-CA
Hips a normal, elbows normal
Date of birth: 4-21-2011
height 22 inches
weight 64 pounds
Gina has a beautiful head, correct ear set, with a very alert and expression.
Strong body type built for performance, very good angulation and excellent fluid movement. Desire to bond and perform for the handler is extraordinary. Steady temperament with remarkable capacity for learning. Continuously demonstrates well developed desire to please the handler and is highly responsive to the obedience commands. Secure and steady tracking behavior. Highly determined in protection, hits hard with full grips and serious guarding in the out phase. Transitions between aggression and prey drive easily demonstrating a flashy and powerful performance. Gina is always enthusiastic and enjoys working, able to concentrate and focus on task easily.
4-27-13    Gina passed her FO (Family Obedience) title with a very nice score of 89.5 earning her first place out of 15 dogs.
She then when back on the field to earn her P1 (Protection Dog 1) title. We are very pleased with how well she handled the stress of trialing.
She always eager to work and easy to handle.
11-6-13    Brian and Gina have now added thier schutzhund BH title.
11-23-13    Brian and Gina have now added thier Police Dog 1 (PD1) title.
3-29-14    Zelda and Gina entered their first AKC trial. It was an ugly day with pouring rain. But they toughed it out and did an awesome job.
They earned their first leg for their CD title with First place and a very nice score of 188!
3-22-15     Susan and Gina are now working together. They just added their Police Dog 2 (PD2) title! Nice job.
5-31-15     Susan and Gina have now earned their CD title with agreat score of 192. Good job girls ;-)
12-5-15    Susan & Gina earned thier P2S title with first place. They only had two weeks to get ready with Gina weening her litter. Very nice.
4-2-16 Susan & Gina entered two shows in 1 day and earned two legs to finish their GN title taking first place in the second show.  
To see more pictures of Gina   click here
Tesa Skocicka samota
BH, FO, PA, P1
AKC# DN45573801, SDA# 15-126-CA
Hips a normal, elbows normal
Date of birth: 1-29-2014
height 24 inches
weight 65 pounds
Strong head with outstanding expression. Powerful bone strength along with correct proportions and fantastic muscle tone, built for functionality.
Superior bonding capability with the handler, guide-able and responsive with pronounced desire to perform.
Energetic guarding with quick, full, and hard flawless grips on the sleeve.
12-5-15    Susan and Tesa stepped on the trial for their first time after knowing each other on a few short weeks.
They earned their Family Obedience (FO) and their Protection Alert title (PA). Nice job !
4-2-16 Tesa and Susan entered their fist AKC show and earned their first leg of their BN tile.
4-29-16 Susan and Tesa earned their Protection Dog 1 (P1) title with a tie for first place! Nice job girls ;-)
5-14-16 Susan and Tesa traveled to Oregon and earned their BH title.  
To see more pictures of Tesa   click here
Clara od Policie Ceske republiky
Hips 0/0, elbows 0/0
Date of birth: 5-16-2013
height 24 inches
weight 65 pounds
Broad and powerful head with captivating expression. Correct proportions muscular and strong body type built for performance.
Continuously demonstrates well developed desire to please the handler. Friendly and out going personality.
To see more pictures of Clara   click here
Hawana Hexer
Zvv1, BH, SPr1, IPO 1, FO, P1S
AKC# DN41724702 , SDA# 15-137-CA
Hips 0/0, elbows normal
Date of birth: 2-8-2013
height 23 inches
weight 63 pounds
Hawana is powerfully built solid and firm with well balanced proportions. Gorgeous bi-color, mostly black with distinctive brown markings.
Strong head with outstanding expression. Friendly and outgoing disposition with good nerve base. Enthusiastic and enjoys working, able to concentrate and focus on task.
Retrieving instinct pronounced with motivated drive for the ball, will perform the obedience exercises quickly over and over again expecting the reward.
Grips are always full and very hard, true working character with great desire to perform.
12-5-15 With Hawana just imported for a few weeks Brian put her on the trial feild and earned her Family Obedience (FO) title with 91.5 points.
2-21-16 Brian and Hawana earned their IPO 1, with a very nice score of 90 points and pronounced in protection.
4-2-16 Susan stood in for Brian at Hawana's first AKC show. They did awesome earning her first leg for her CD title with first place and High in Trial!
4-29-16 Brian and Hawana earned their Protection Dog 1 sleeve (P1S) with first place, with a 90.5 protection score.
Hawana was happy to give it her very best even though she was pregnant. She loves to work and it shows every time you see her on the field.
To see more pictures of Hawana   click here
  Stella vom True Haus
FO, P1, PD1, PD2, P1S, CGC, CD, GN
AKC# DN26439905
micro chip#050-817-777
OFA fair
Date of birth: 12-22-2009
height 24 inches
weight 67 pounds
Stella is one of our puppies we are raising out of Nick and Odessa.
You can find information on Stella's sire Nick on this page page here
You can find information on
Stella's mom (Odessa) and grandmother (Sankt) on our pastdog page  here
Stella is a Tommy grandaughter.
Stella is a large and substantial dark sable. Masculine features, strong bones and broad powerful head with intense expression. Shows natural innate desire to learn and perform, with genetic capability to learn quickly. Enjoys the protection work, strikes quickly showing full hard grips on the sleeve.
11-6-10    Stella entered her first trial and passed her FO with a very nice score of 83.5.
At 10 months of age she is still very much a puppy so I was very pleased with how well she handled the stress of trialing.
It is allot different then training with all of the distraction.
5-9-11    Stella earned her 3 legs to achieve her CD in just 3 trials. With very nice scores of 184, 187, and 188 1/2 taking third out of 10 dogs for her last leg.
We are very proud of her doing that well as young as she is.
5-14-11    Stella is working very hard. One week after finishing her ACK CD she has earned her P1 (protection 1) title. She did a great job and received second place.
10-15-11    Stella has now earned her GN. In just 3 trials she earned her 3 legs. She finished her title with first place and a very nice score of 191.
5-12-12    Chris and Stella earned their Police Dog 1 (PD1) title with second place.
Their was only 1/2 a point difference in the protection scores between 1st and 2nd.
They have worked very hard in a short time to reach this goal.    Good job girls!
11-10-12     Chris and Stell have now added the Protection Dog 1 Sleeve (P1S) title taking First Place.
The had to take the summer off for Stella's litter, but they did not let that hold them back. Great job!
4-26-14    Chris and Stella earned their Police Dog 2 (PD2) title.
Stella is the first dog to earn the NEW Police Dog 2 title that SDA add to their program early in 2014.
This title is now a step between the PD1 and the PD3.   They did a great job!.
To see more pictures of Stella growing up and videos of her working click here
Stella's offspring:
This is one of our Esko and Stella's pups EDDA  click here    This is one of our Esko and Stella's pups HAGAN  click here    This is one of our Esko and Stella's pups ANYA  click here     
  Remmie vom True Haus
SchH BH, CGC, BN, FO, P1S, P1(H), PD1, PA
AKC # DN36972707
OFA Good
Date of birth: 6-17-2013
height 24 inches
Weight: 68 pounds
You can find information on Remmie's sire Trigger on this page page here
You can find information on Cat, Remmie's dam on this page  here
Remmie is showing us everyday just what we would hope to get in any of our puppies.
Broad head and muzzle with terrific expression. Muscular and strong body type built for performance.
Highly trainable, steady temperament with remarkable capacity for learning. Her desire to bond and perform for the handler is extraordinary.
Highly motivated to work. She is enthusiastic and enjoys working, will do anything for a ball.
In protection she hits hard showing great power, along with full hard grips under pressure.
5-29-15    Remmie has now earned her BN title. Three shows, Three legs 190, 191 1/2 and 193. We are very happy with how she is growing up.  
6-14-15    Remmie showed us once again what she is made of.
She was entered in the SDA Championship in Pennsylvania to do the Protection Dog 1.
One week before the trial Goodie's dog Reika came up lame, and Goodie was not going to make the trip we had all planed for almost a year.
I asked her if she would trial Remmie for me so we could all have a dog to work. To my surprise Goodie said yes!
So with only the 5 day road trip to bond Goodie and Remmie stepped on the trial filed. On Saturday they tried the Police Dog 1 but fell short of the need score to pass.
But then on Sunday they stepped it up for the Championship and earned their Protection Dog 1 with HONORS (P1H).
To receive an honor title the dog must earn 90 or above (Remmie's score was 92) in the protection phase on an honor decoy they have not worked before.
They placed third for the P1's. We are so very proud of Goodie taking on a dog she had never worked, and Remmie putting forth all she has to make this all come out good.
12-5-15    Remmie back at work with her litter just 8 weeks old. Goodie wanted to finish what she started in June the PD1.
Congradulation to you and Remmie for a job well done. It is very hard to trial a dog you are not living with.
To see picture of Remmie growing up click here
  Abbie vom True Haus
CGC, BN, FO, P1, PD1
AKC# DN41367004
OFA Good prelim
Date of birth: 11-23-2015
height 24 inches
weight 67 pounds
You can find information on Abbie's sire Olex, and dam Mi-Jose Cayenne (Cat) on our pastdog page here
Abbie has a broad and powerful head with captivating expression.
Correct structure, good bone strength, fantastic muscle tone and strong body type built for performance.
Friendly and outgoing disposition showing great train-ability and has the genetic capability to learn quickly.
Superior bonding capability with the handler and naturally guide-able, follows the obedience commands willingly.
Perform obedience exercises with naturally good drive. Pronounced retrieving instinct and loves to play with a ball.
Barking is strong and consistent showing great intensity in the hold and bark exercise.
Full commitment at all times, demonstrating full and hard grips on the sleeve, out behavior is clean and crisp with tremendous guarding.
We feel Abbie has grown up to be exactly what we look for in our breeding females.
4-2-15 Abbie has now finished her BN title with a first place and nice score of 191 1/2.
4-29-16 Abbie earned her police Dog 1 (PD1) title with first place and a protection score of 91 points.
I was very pleased with how well she worked in protection after a very humbling obedience routing.
The wind was blowing and she is still very much a puppy at heart at just 18 months of age she took full advantage "puppy cuteness" ;-)  
To see picture of Abbie growing up click here

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I would like to share a few words that express my thoughts on breeding working German Shepherds.
   There was a Germany before WW2 and all the German Shepherds came from that stock. What made the DDR program keep the dogs healthier and in some ways stronger in character is not the fact that they were bred in the northeastern part of the former unified Germany. It was because of the regulations the East government set for their police and working breeds after removing these breeds from the kennel club control and regulating their breeding programs governmentally.  The dogs all came from the same place. But went into different directions because of different breed regulations and controls. Since the fall of the DDR and Germany's reunification, the West (SV) regulations have been the only regulations in place. And we all saw the direction the West dogs had gone with their attitude about breeding. There were some isolated breeders in Germany (West) who bred according to their own standard they set for themselves. Greif comes from one of those, as did dogs like Bussecker Schloss etc.    My point to all this is that it matters most how dogs are bred, NOT WHERE.
Some dogs in West Germany, or Czech, or Holland, or Belgium, or Austria, or Switzerland were awesome. The fact that nobody seemed to care how these dogs were used in breeding is what caused the problems. It is getting very hard to find any good DDR stock.
There is no more DDR regulation stock.
So you have to settle for pedigrees with DDR dogs in them.
My point is that people slapping dogs who go back to DDR lines together does not make it a DDR dog, even if they claim 100%.
DDR dogs are German dogs anyway. The reason they were not messed up was because of the regulations the DDR had. Nobody follows those regulations, so there are no more DDR dogs.
Once again my point to this is:
     dogs who produced the same traits are important

Discussed and agreed upon by Armin Winkler and Jim Reed

Just who is looking after you and your family?
A German Shepherd dog is naturally equipped with what it takes to do the job better then any sensory systerm man has made. It can hear and sence danger where a video surveillance system dose not, and can chase after any intruder and stop them. It can tell the difference between an intruder and a family time or at night.





Considerations for the Canine Athlete: 
Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dogs : 

We have questions all of the time about the the height and weight of our dogs. We have added that information by each dog. So we thought maybe we should add the standards for height and weight of the German Shepherd dog:
From Schutzhund USA web page: Size/Weight
Males: Height at the wither 60 cm to 65 cm.
Height 60 cm is equal to 23 inches. Height 65 cm is equial to 26 inches.
Weight 30 kg to 40 kg.
Weight 30 kg is equal to 66 pounds. Weight 40 kg is equal to 88 pounds.
Females: Height at the wither 55 cm to 60 cm.
Height 55 cm is equal to 21 inches. Height 60 cm is equial to 23 inches.
Weight 22 kg - 32 kg
Weight 22 kg is equal to 48 pounds. Weight 32 kg is equal to 70 pounds.
From AKC web page :
The desired height for males at the top of the highest point of the shoulder blade is 24 to 26 inches; and for bitches, 22 to 24 inches.



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