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Gina vom Burgereck

AKC# DN, SDA# 13-007-CA
Hips a normal, elbows normal
Date of birth: 4-21-2011
height 24 inches
weight 60 pounds

To see a video of Gina doing the FO (family obedience) title go here video
Gina passed her FO (Family Obedience) title with a very nice score of 89.5 earning her first place out of 15 dogs.
She then when back on the field to earn her P1 (Protection Dog 1) title. We are very pleased with how well she handled the stress of trialing.
She always eager to work and easy to handle.
Gina's litter is 7 weeks old now and she is ready to get back to work!

Gina and I trialed for her OB1 on 9-26-13. The next week Brian took her home to start bonding with her.
He wanted to trial her at the Oct.26th trial for the P1M. She would be the first dog to earn this title in SDA.
They did and awesome job as a team. This is not an easy title and not a title that many female dogs will do.
A dog has to have a lot of self confidence and a will to fight the man for real to do this title.
Brain is a excellent handler and they came away with the very first P1M title and the judges choice trophy.
Great job!

3-22-2015 Susan and Gina are now working together. They just added their Police Dog 2 (PD2) title! Nice job.

12-5-2015 Susan and Gina just added their Protection Dog 2 sleeve (P2S) title with first place! They only had a couple of weeks to get ready with Gina just weening her puppies. Nice job.

11-19-2016 Susan and Gina just earned their Police Dog 3 (PD3) title! This is the toughest title SDA has to offer.
It was not an easy job and they both put in many hours of training to achieve such a demanding title. Great job girls!
Wish it had not been in the poring rain so we could have gotten lots of nice pictures, we were not that lucky.
But knowing the weather conditions just makes this WIN even sweater.

4-2-2017 Susan and Gina earned their Police Dog 3 (PD3) title for the second time! This was just one week after Gina's litter left for their new homes.
With so little time to practice it was great to see the team work they have earning 91 point is obedience.
To see a video of Gina doing a demo video of the PD3 go here video

Gina 7-11-2017 video

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