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El Dorado Hill, Calif.
 Hi Jim and Cindy,
I finally got a chance to snap some pictures of Radek. He is 4 months old and as you can see he has earned his official CARDA shabrack (training vest). It's just a puppy one for now, but I'm so proud of him. We are now an official "team in training" with the California Rescue Dog Association". Everyone on the team is very impressed with Radek, not just with his good looks but how truely smart he is. He really loves the "work" (it's play in his book) and has the most amazing drive of any dog I've ever seen and he's just a baby. Every few weeks I give him a new twist to a search problem, something he has never done before and each and every time you can almost see the wheels in his head turning until he figures it out. He never gives up or returns to me to whine (which is normal for a puppy in training when they get confused). Here is where he is today in his training. A subject, unknown to him, hides in an area, also unknown to him, about 300 to 500 feet away. Radek does not get to see the person leave, nor does the subject, "tease" him to get him excited. I hold Radek (which is a challenge when he knows whats coming) for about 2 minutes. I put his search bell on him and  give him the command "Find Em". Radek takes off like a rocket at first and then he kind of goes Hmmm I need to use my nose. I then start walking in a zig-zag while he searches in a zig-zag about 50 ft ahead of me. I don't talk to him at all at this point. Usually when he gets to about 75 ft of subject he immediately starts tracking (head down to the ground) until he makes the find. At this point I'm still 100 to 200 feet away. Subject ignores Rad and he automatically does a recall. Meaning he returns to me (without and prompt from me) and Alerts me (his alert is a body bang or jump alert) meaning he found someone. I yell "show meeeeeee" and he takes off running with me right behind until he refinds the subject. Then the party happens with the subject giving him treats and he gets his floppy frisbee. He's doing an amazing job so far and my sponsor says if he continues to learn at this pace he could be mission ready at 18 months old. I'm not pushing it though and only train 2 times a week.
Thanks so much,
 Hi Jim and Cindy,
We haven't communicated in some time. Radek was out of Uny's first litter. Congrats on the birth of her second! I was contacted via Sac County Search and Rescue because someone is thinking of getting a potential SAR dog from you. I gave you all a glowing report! Radek and I are taking our Mission Ready test next week. Radek has been ready for about 6 months, I just needed to get some navigation skills fine tuned. I can't begin to tell you what an awesome search dog he is. He has been unbelievably easy to train. He is super driven, especially his prey drive. I would be happy to write up any reference you would like for potential SAR dog sales. I have attached a photo and will send more soon.
Christine Cunningham
916 941-8470

Shipman, Va, Calif.
Hello Jim,
Wanted to tell you that Nitro is doing extremely well. He is getting to be a very big boy. Doing very well in obedience and tracking. I'm attaching a couple pics of him for you to see. Very nice boy and I'm enjoying him very much! Thank you again for such a fantastic pup.
The picture of Nitro standing up was taken 8-15-2005
Here are some up dated picture's of Nitro taken today which I thought I'd share with you. Jim, I cant thank you enough for sending me such an awesome male! He is a power house and extremely intelligent dog. His drives are fantastic as his temperament is so stable/sound, with good strong nerve!! I will keep you posted and up dated on Nitro.
Again thanking you for both for such an awesome male.:-)
Warm Regards,


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